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Colorado personal injury attorney Mike Fossenier does NOT operate like many firms you see on television. Mike is mostly interested in the physical and emotional wellbeing of each individual client. There is no mass advertising, television commercials or billboards pasted across Colorado. Instead, Mike deals with his personal injury clients on an individual basis. Because of this personal approach, not only is each client given the best individualized attention for the best chances at achieving the best possible compensation, but a personal relationship is built upon which a shared better future is made.​

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In his first years of practice, Mike worked on the Western Slope of Colorado, in a general civil litigation firm, having his first jury trial within months of obtaining his license to practice law. He was hired away from that firm by the nation's second largest insurance company and became Senior Trial Attorney for its Rocky Mountain Region; a position he held for over 5 years. Thereafter, Mike has decided to utilize his special skills and knowledge derived from working with insurance companies, to assist people who are hurt, seek fair and just compensation for injuries, damages and harm caused by others, whether they be people, companies or governmental entities. Because of his talent, Mike even finds himself occasionally hired by other lawyers and law firms to help them in trial, to add to their success in Court.  Click here  to see a link of Mike in action in front of the Colorado Court of Appeals for Masser v. City of Greeley.  Go to the time spot of 1:32:00. 

Mike is a native to Colorado, having been born and raised in Grand Junction, on the Western Slope, graduating from Grand Junction High School.

Having played college football and many years of rugby on the national level, Mike’s competitive drive will be put to use for your benefit.

Mike believes all should celebrate life, work hard, have fun and live it to the fullest. Everyone should have a chance to see and experience the wonders the world offers us!

There often is not much enjoyment in having to hire a lawyer, but Mike feels that once hurt or injured, if you are to have a chance to be able to get back out there and celebrate life once again, he wants to be there to help you achieve that goal!

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