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Your Personal Injury Attorney Who Once Worked For Insurance Companies
Denying Claims Now Uses That Special Knowledge And Experience
To Help Injured People


Formerly a Senior Trial Attorney for our nation's second largest Personal, Property & Casualty insurance company in its seven-state Rocky Mountain Region, Mike Fossenier saw how poorly the insurance industry treated injured people seeking compensation for their losses, and decided to help change this. Now, he utilizes his years of knowledge and experience of insurance litigation and claims handling strategies for your benefit, to help you find the best possible solutions to any personal injury problem, representing individuals achieve rightful compensation for their injuries, against the insurance giants.

                                  MICHAEL FOSSENIER HAS THE
                                EXPERIENCE TO HELP YOU BEST

Mike Fossenier was licensed to practice law in 1988. In his first years of practice, Mike worked on the Western Slope of Colorado, in a general civil litigation firm, having his first jury trial within months of obtaining his license to practice law. He was hired away from that firm by the nation's second largest insurance company and became Senior Trial Attorney for its Rocky Mountain Region; a position he held for over 5 years. Thereafter, Mike has decided to utilize his special skills and knowledge derived from working with insurance companies, to assist people who are hurt, seek fair and just compensation for injuries, damages and harm caused by others, whether they be people, companies or governmental entities. Because of his talent, Mike even finds himself occasionally hired by other lawyers and law firms to help them in trial, to add to their success in Court.


Mike Fossenier does NOT operate as many firms you see on television. Mike is mostly interested in the physical and emotional well being of each individual client. There is no mass advertizing, television commercials or billboards pasted across Colorado. Instead, Mike deals with his clients on an individual basis. Because of this personal approach, not only is each client given the best individualized attention for the best chances at achieving the best possible compensation, but a personal relationship is built upon which a shared better future is made.

Mike will meet with you and provide you with a detailed initial consultation related to your claims, free of charge. This initial consultation will provide you with a proper understanding of your rights and interests. Accidents can be overwhelming and cause a lot of stress and confusion, and Mike's initial consultation can be the start of your successful solution to all those issues, provide you with the compensation you rightfully deserve and the closure needed to move forward with a brighter future.




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